The PPC or Pay Per Click is now an integral part of any digital marketing campaign worthy of...
2020-07-21 12:12:56
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Pay Per Click: a complementary tool to SEO

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Investing or not to invest?

The PPC or Pay Per Click is now an integral part of any digital marketing campaign worthy of respect. Small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, can reap substantial benefits. Instead of spending all their initial budget on SEO, social marketing, email campaigns and so on, they should reserve one slice to the PPC, which in the starting stages is often a solid source of economic return.
Obviously invest in PPC is very risky. If you do it with little knowledge of the facts you may drain your budget in no time at all. The best way is to proceed slowly and continue to experiment to probe the field, understand what works and what does not work.
If you are uncertain about AdWords and Facebook Ads you will need to rely on specialists. A company with the right skills in digital marketing services such as Genial Brain, will be able to better manage PPC campaigns. Once framed the goal will proceed to progressively increase the budget, while watching the competition and making the best keywords.
The traffic on the website plays a very important role in the success of the company. It is not about simple traffic but the target audience for the products advertised. The SEO plays a vital role in the acquisition of leads through organic content. Using the right keywords attracts visitors but the process is not immediate and above all requires a publication of weekly post.
Words Google Ads and Facebook Ads act as a supplement. For Google will need to choose specific keywords that will bring the announcement of the first search results. On Facebook, however, the ads will appear on the selected target.
PPC is undoubtedly the best way to find out right away whether a product has a chance of being sold. Once ready for launch starting a Google AdWords campaign and measure the results on the basis of the first 1000 visitors. Everything has a cost not insignificant but the upside is that you will eventually make the necessary adjustments right away if you experience problems.