In recent days, Twitter has experienced a coordinated attack on the employees who brought...
2020-07-17 12:06:30
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Twitter hacked: verified accounts targeted

Bill Gates, Elon Musk and other accounts of bitcoin scam victims

In recent days, Twitter has experienced a coordinated attack on the employees who brought all'hackeraggio of some important changes, including those of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, all victims of the same cryptocurrency of scam.
"We know that their goal was to take control of many highly visible accounts (including those checked) and tweet in their place," said the company. "We are looking at what other malicious activity might have led to, or what kind of information could have had access. We will release updates as soon as we will have a clearer picture of what happened."
Twitter has been blocked the affected accounts and removed the tweets published by hackers, while trying to protect others not affected verified accounts and whose password had not been changed without their knowledge.
The compromised accounts remain blocked at the moment and will be returned to the owners until given clarified the nature of the facts and the technical team will shed light on the attack mode.
The affected accounts, including Kanye West, Warren Buffet and Apple, have all sent messages with the same account bitcoin mentions that promised to give back to the sender sent to him twice the credits.
Both the staff of Gates that Biden confirmed allegations made by Twitter, fortunately able to lock their account and delete the tweet. It is not yet leaked the identity or origin of those who have perpetrated the attack, but the bitcoin account associated with the scam has received about $ 100,000, then a respectable loot.
We hope that both Twitter and other social media can not be found unprepared in the future, given the amount of information (including addresses and payment methods) contained within many profiles.