Sentry, the company funded by Accel which creates the bug tracking software for developers,...
2020-07-15 10:17:21
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Sentry releases a tool to monitor the performance of JavaScript and Python

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Sentry, the company funded by Accel which creates the bug tracking software for developers, today announced its new product. It's called Performance Monitoring and is a front-end performance monitoring software for Python and JavaScript.
The company, whose investors include New Enterprise Associates, said that the instrument can be reduced to a few minutes the time it takes to resolve any bugs finding API calls or lens problems and other errors at the source .
quickly Correcting mistakes is important because those sites or applications to bug can be costly for companies (for example, if an online shopping cart takes too long to load, a frustrated customer might give up and move to app or a competitor's web site). Sentry said the work on the identification and resolution of bugs costs companies about $ 4.6 million per year.
So far Sentry raised money for 66.5 million and is used by about 60,000 development studios around the world.
CEO Milin Desai said in an interview that in the last four months Sentry has experienced exponential increases in its use because of the emergency COVID-19, which marked a peak usage the working app, education and e-commerce.
The new performance monitoring tool allows developers to "track down the causes of slow boots, API calls with poor performance and non-performing database queries in real time rather than trying to decipher the peaks of wallboard" said Desai. "Companies are forced to undertake massive changes in their modus operandi are discovering in Sentry a key ally to keep up with the growing demand and provide customers with services and software performance."